When your heating and cooling system isn’t working properly, your first task is to find an HVAC technician for hire. And while there may be many contractors available to inspect your system, finding the right one for your project might take some effort. In that case, using a checklist will help to speed the decision making process. might consider calling a heating and cooling specialist. or when you are looking to make upgrades or replace your unit,

Use This Checklist

A heating a cooling specialist can make repairs to your existing unit, assist with upgrades, or install a new unit. When choosing someone to provide professional help and service with these tasks, you want to ensure that who you hire will do the job correctly and within a timely manner.

1. Ask Around

Discuss recommendations with your friends and neighbors to find someone with a good working reputation. Nine times out of ten, a contractor or specialist you find through word of mouth and experience will be better than someone you just find in an advertising flyer.

2. Review Home Service Referral Sites

If you don’t know anyone with a good recommendation, try home service referral sites such as Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor. Google Reviews can also be helpful. These are reputable sites where actual customers are able to rate their experiences, leave comments about service, and make recommendations.

3. Do Your Research

Once you find a good recommendation, do your research and look them up. A fairly simple internet search can pull up any complaints or poor feedback. It is also a good idea to call or check with the Better Business Bureau and see if they have any information about the specialist you intend to hire. Often they will have records regarding service, feedback, and if any complaints have ever been filed against them.

4. Ask For Credentials

A good specialist in any field should have their credentials on hand. For a heating and cooling specialist, this means that they are licensed and insured.

5. Make it Official

You should get a written estimate from the HVAC contractor before they ever start work on any project. A professional contractor will have you review and sign a contract after the estimate is agreed upon.


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